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PostPosted: July 15th, 2013, 4:25 pm 

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So my 89' XL600 was really starting to show it's 100k+ miles especially in the rear end.
If I set the bike on it's side stand, pulled it back to get maximum travel then let it settle back on to the rear tire, it seemed to drop at least 1-2" just from the weight of the bike. Put my 250lbs on the bike and it pretty much seemed to bottom out the shock/coil spring. Put luggage on for a weekend trip and I was definitely exceeding the capacity of the spring and riding bottomed out if I hit any bump.

I checked around for some kind of affordable solution, I didn't find much in the way of stock replacement springs that I could afford, and any used one I would find, well it was over 20 years old too! I checked with aftermarket shocks and couldn't afford the $600-900 price range.

So today while doing some maintenance getting ready for a trip to Oregon, I found the instructions on how to remove the shock, then remove the spring... Ideas started to form, and I pulled the shock assembly out, broke it down so that I could work with the spring alone. With the spring retaining nut off and the shock fulling extended there was at least 1-1 1/2" of thread showing above the retaining nut. I grabbed some cable that I had used for a gate for my rear fence and hung the spring from a rafter, then attached a 25lb weight to a cable on the bottom, and let it hang about 2" from the floor.

After that I used my oxy/acetylene torch to slowly heat the entire spring until the weight started to drop, I kept the heat on moving it over the entire length of the spring until the weight reached the floor. I let the spring cool on it's own with the weight still attached. After the spring cooled enough to touch, I cleaned it with acetone, then painted it the stock red.

Once the paint was dry I reassembled the spring/shock assy., I actually had to use a ratcheting strap to compress the spring enough to get the retaining nut started, I threaded the retaining nut and lock nut on so that I had about 1/8" of thread showing, re-installed the shock and tested it out.

What a difference! The bike sits at the top of its travel now when all of the weight is on the tires, barely sags when I get on, and on the test ride speed bumps in my neighborhood are now challenges instead of something to dread.

I will let you know how the bike handles this week on the trip to Oregon and back, but I'm thinking it will make a huge improvement on the rideability of the bike.

PostPosted: July 15th, 2013, 7:57 pm 
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WOW Great Idea.. :yhclap:

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PostPosted: July 17th, 2013, 8:06 am 
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Damping will still be gone, but at least you have some travel. Hope you don't pogo too much!

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